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Our Sweetest Chicken Tender

All Things Good Gardens is so lucky to have the sweetest Chicken Tender. This sweet child is a true advocate of our chickens here on the farm ,always pushing the rest of us to be more aware of the importance and needs of our girls . Chickens were never part of the plan on the farm, but as children do they have a way of changing your mind in that magical way they do. Now I could't imagine our lives with out our feathered friends. They bring so much joy to our lives. Chickens are truly a gift to the farm. Besides helping to build our soil , they are healers of the soul. Caring for animals is so therapeutic and we are so excited to share that joy and healing with all our visitors . The world needs so much healing , and our sweetest Chicken Tender is helping to spread his joy of chicken reading to all out visitors on the farm. Hope to see you on the farm soon for some feathery fun.

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