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Heirlooms Galore

I have been busy this winter , ordering and organizing my heirloom seeds .As a historian what appeals to me about heirlooms is the rich history of these seeds. The colorful stories that are part of the rich history of these seeds are part of the magic .

Seeds themselves are so magical . In every seed there is a new beginning , hope of the future . The ability to create new life and the ability to nurture our bodies . Watching these seeds start to sprout and send out their roots and grow their first leaves and true leaves is such a joy. By growing heirlooms you preserve the genetic line, growing the foods of our ancestors past. You grow varieties not typically found in stores . Varieties that are full of flavor and taste and packed with vitamins and minerals and antioxidants. They add so much beauty to your home .

Anyone can have this magic. They can take their space and start a raised bed garden , or a more elaborate garden . When small spaces are a concern , container gardens and hydroponic gardens can be implemented . One of the the best things you can do is nurture life and with seeds that ability is right at your fingertips .

Come visit All Things Good Gardens , we have seeds and transplants available. For those that would like to learn more about planning and planting a garden we have a Spring and summer class schedule to help enlighten . Come have some fun adventures at the farm !

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